time management for busy moms and productivity planner

10 Extremely Helpful Time Management Tips for Busy Moms + Free Productivity Planner


time management tips for busy moms

Are you searching for time management tips for busy moms?

Well, one key to creating and living a more balanced life is understanding how to manage your time! Yes, time management is one of the only ways to ensure you’re making the most out of the time you have.

There’s certain things we can do to get more things done! As a mom, one might think there’s no such thing. Therefore time management can seem unrealistic, but it really requires some of the same skills used on traditional jobs to get things done.


Benefits of Time Management for Busy Moms

In my opinion, it’s the best way to reduce stress and feel more accomplished. Taking time to learn how to effectively manage your time will give you more time in the end.

If you can dedicate two weeks to seeing what works and what doesn’t, you can unlock time for self care, quality time with partner/spouse, new hobbies, etc.

Time management for busy moms

10 Extremely Helpful Time Management tips for Busy Moms who really want to Manage their Time Better

Okay without, further ado, here’s 10 life saving time management tips for busy moms that will help you create more time for doing things you love:


1- Create a routine

We can’t stress this enough! Routine Routine Routine is the name of the game! Setting times to accomplish daily life can be a game changer!

It will also help you create great habits. At times it can seem redundant, but if it’s a necessary task, creating a routine will be the best way to accomplish it!

To avoid your routine from getting boring, create challenges for yourself, set timers, change schedule every season, etc.

Things to set a routine for:

  • Cleaning
  • Bedtime
  • Bottle cleaning/fixing
  • Home schooling
  • Cooking/eating meals
  • Bath time
  • Self-care
  • Home re-stocking

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2- Prep the night before

Taking time to do small tasks the night before can give you so much time in the moment! Preparation can not only save you time, but it can keep you on time because 10 mins here and there adds up!

Things to prepare the night before:

  • School snack/lunch
  • Clothes
  • Tablets
  • Gas fill up
  • Baby bottles/food
  • Diaper bag/purse


3- Subscribe and save time

Let face it, as much of a love hate relationship we have with the internet, it allows us to do pretty amazing things, like shop from home. We now have the ability to save time grocery shopping by using subscription services or apps.

Making your life simple and buying your time back is the goal! Of course there’s benefits of doing these services yourself, but when trying to manage and save time, we can find those benefits elsewhere!

Now will you stop going in the store completely?

Probably not, but going in spending countless hours shopping and still having to put away the groceries before cooking, can be eliminated.

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4- Assign Chores

Clean up on aisle 5! But not by you!

Give some of those chores to others in your home! There’s no need for you to do EVERYTHING!

Starting your kids early is the key to this being successful. Identifying age appropriate choices (or task) around the house will give you time to do something more useful or enjoyable!

Even as a toddler mom, my kids have designated task. They are responsible for putting their toys away, clean their eating area, put dirty clothes in the bin and laying their shoes out for the next morning!

As they mature, so does their responsibilities!

Same rules apply to teenagers, spouse/partners and/or roommates

No free passes!

When living in a shared space, the first and best approach is teamwork! We are all team players in this and have to do our part to conquer a win!

Secondly, identify all chores that should be completed daily and then identify everyone’s favored (not favorite) task! It may not be your favorite but you can stand to do it everyday.

Third, rename it! Sometimes the word chores can feel daunting, so call it something more desirable for that person (i.e. responsibility, boss list, manager, etc).


5- Focus on Obligations

Here, it’s time to focus on priorities. Always start your day with important and necessary task! Think of it as primary and secondary obligations.

Primary obligations are things that have to be completed by today. We want to consider these task as very important and has a negative effect if not completed.

For example, washing, sterilizing and making baby’s bottles. If the bottles aren’t washed and prepared a head of time, you won’t be able  to feed your baby on time and it will cause a disturbance to everything happening in that moment, with a fussy baby. 

Secondary obligations are not as important and doesn’t require urgency. It can be put off for at least another day or two. But IF there’s time we can complete today.

For example, clearing out the dish washer. The most important part of the task is washing the dishes. Clearing the dishes from the loader completes the task, but can be put off another day or so, IF you don’t have time to complete today.


time management for busy moms


6- Decrease TV & screen time

This can be very sad and hard to do, especially when our favorite shows are back, but these two activities can take up a lot of our time, unknowingly.

Try your best to only indulge once your primary obligations are completed, at least. But the goal is to also complete secondary obligations as well. Because once you create the extra time on the back end, you can indulge in these activities during your free time.

Or you can try setting a schedule that blocks off time to watch certain shows or content on the internet.

time management for moms
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7- Hire Help

This one will require payment for services. But if it’s something that you can afford or budget, it can definitely be worth the free time it provides.

You can hire help for small task or large monthly reoccurring task.

No one has it all together, so if it looks like they does, they’ve hired help!


8- Cluster Prep

This prep in bulk! Lol…

Instead is preparing 1 week in advance instead of just the night before! Being prepared will always save you time on the back end. This is getting it out of the way so you don’t have to see it/think about it at all!

Cluster Prep:

  • Ironing for the entire week
  • Create weekly/monthly dinner menus
  • Kids homework for the week
  • Wash/fold in 1 day
  • Grocery shopping (stocking method)


9- Use list

Let’s say it together! CREATE A TO-DO LIST to get all your task on paper (or iPad notes). It will organize your thought and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you complete a task!

It also gives you a visual of what your day looks like! Sometimes, if we don’t see it, we think we’re free.


Even if it’s not on the list, you still have to do! So use your list to project the amount of time you have to work with throughout the day.


10- Get Organized

It’s time to declutter and keep your mind clear so you can stay focused on the real task at hand. Being organized will help you start routines, prioritize your task and use your list daily!

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FAQ’s about Time Management for Busy Moms

You got questions, we got answers! Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about Time management for busy moms:


How do moms manage their time?

Many moms who have mastered the art of time management are generally organized, create routines and/or daily to-do list.

The best way for moms to manage their time is to take inventory of the task you have to complete and the amount of time needed to complete the task.


How do moms get quiet time?

Moms are more likely to get quiet time when they have properly managed their time by creating a schedule and/or daily routines for their family to follow.

When creating schedules and routines, you will need to flexible, in terms of the unexpected happening. However, with consistent practice, habits become automated and requires less thinking over time.


How much free time should a mom have?

A mom should have as much free time as she needs to complete self desired task, while maintaining mental and emotional wellness.

Depending on one’s lifestyle, some mom can have more free time than others. However, in this instance, it’s important to think of  quality time and how it’s spent verses the quantity of time given.


Final thoughts on time management for busy moms

Our job as moms is though. Therefore, the more we manage our time, the more productive we can be and create the time we need for ourselves. Using these time management tips can be the start you need to relieve yourself of mom guilt and enjoy things outside of motherhood again!

Thanks for sticking around! Because you made it to the end with us, we want to gift you with this free printable, in hopes that you will find it helpful and increases your productivity, giving you more time for self care.

Don’t forget to share this with others and comment below to tell us if this blog helped you!


Time Management for busy moms to increase productivity

Blank Time Management Planner PDF Version


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