Affordable Backyard Playground Ideas Your Toddlers Will Love

Affordable Backyard Playground Ideas Your Toddlers Will Love + 10 Safety Tips To Protect Your Toddlers

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affordable backyard ideas

Need fun backyard playground ideas for your little ones? Well you’ve come to the right place because it’s officially spring and now is the time to start planning summer fun for your littles ones! As a mom of 2 busy toddlers, I’m always looking for ways to enhance their backyard playground experience because my boys LOVEEEEE being outdoors!

Although we currently have a medium size playscape in our backyard, these backyard playground options can be an alternative playscape option for families who have smaller backyards or small budget, but still would like their kids to have fun outdoors as they would at a local park! Having a great playground area your kids will enjoy in the backyard that’s convenient and safe, is a must when you have busy/energetic kids.

These backyard playground options can be purchased for tiny tots as well, if you plan on assisting them during play time! Which then allows you to get your money worth, because they can enjoy them over a longer course of time. So think of these backyard playground ideas as grow with me items and can be used in variety of ways, alone (as the only child) or with siblings and friends!

Affordable Backyard Playground Ideas Your Toddlers Will Love

Backyard Playground Ideas for toddlers (Alternative Playscape Options)

These backyard playground ideas can be stable pieces for your backyard!

One thing I love about them is there stand alone items and you don’t need anything else for your toddlers to have fun!

Sand Box

This is great for those who love the beach atmosphere but don’t live near one!

A sand box can be used to help toddlers develop their motor skills and fun play; this item also aids well for parents who love to add sensory play to their kids daily activities! By adding beach tools (bucket, shovel, rake, etc.) you can easily build sandcastles, find numbers/letters in the sand, etc. to incorporate fun learning play activities.

Wobble Disk

This is an indoor/outdoor toy that spins and rocks at the same time! It’s great for climbers! Which we know toddlers enjoy doing!

Climbing Dome

Great for climbers and adventurous toddlers that love exploring! As seen at many school and playgrounds around the world!

Trampoline ‘N Swing

This awesome backyard play set is made to swing, slide and climb! This can serve as a single trampoline for indoors/outdoors once your toddler out grow the slide!

Saucer Swing

This is the best swing in the parks! It allows multiple to swing at a time and can mimic a hammock allowing your kids to lay while swinging!

Toddler Wood Playset

These wooden playsets are made for indoors but can be taken outside for your kids who enjoy the sun! It keeps them active and always for multi style play!

Oversized Connect Plastic

Game that all your family can enjoy and allows kids to participate without disrupting the adults as well!

Water Activity Table

Sensory play toy that converts into a picnic table with a cooling umbrella to block the sun!

Playhouse with Picnic Table or Cottage Playhouse

Every kid wants an imaginary playhouse/clubhouse that promotes domestic duties and imaginary store/kitchen play outdoors!

backyard playground ideas

10 Toddler Safety Tips For Backyard Playground Ideas

1- Keep Your Eyes + Ears Open

Toddlers are busy bodies and love running, jumping, climbing, etc. so they can be all over the place and get into things rather quickly. So keep your eyes and ears open when you’re playing outdoors.

2- Set Up Shaded Areas (if possible)

It can get hot during the Spring and Summer months, so when setting up your bigger pieces of equipment, try to set up under a tree or close to a cool area allowing the breeze to flow in the direction of the play area.

3- Watch For Discomfort

Listen and watch your toddler during playtime. Pay close attention to how your child respond to the equipment, accessibility to the equipment, etc. Make sure they have enough open areas for potential falls. Allowing nothing in the way that can cause additional harm during an incident.

4- Treat Playground Area

Treat your backyard for commonly seen bugs/insects that can cause injuries. Remove beehives/wasp nest, mark ant piles (so your child doesn’t run through it), spray for mosquitos, etc. Although you may not catch everything, do what you can to make the play area comfortable and safe.

5- Consider Playground Cover

If you’re concerned about your child failing from high pieces of equipment, use playground covers adding some sort of protection directly to the ground.

6- Install Properly

Use directions included in the box and follow to ensure the equipment is installed correctly to ensure top tier level of safety.

Also remember to:

-Place playground equipment on leveled ground

-Hire a task professional if you need assistance (task rabbit, thumb tack, etc.)

-Assess all pieces before installation to ensure there’s no defects/damages to pieces (bent screws, cracked wood, broken springs, etc.)

-Don’t temporarily substitute missing pieces, contact the manufactory and install once pieces are replaced

7- Dress Little One Appropriate

When going outdoors, always dress you little ones in comfortable and appropriate attire. During the Spring and Summer months, make sure their clothes are lite weight and keeps them cool!

Also, make sure shoes are designed for play and shoes that prevents slips.

8- Take Breaks

Toddlers can sometimes have non-stop energy! They love play and adventure so make sure you schedule breaks when planning to have extended play time! Depending on your child’s age and the weather, take water breaks every 15-20 minutes to ensure you’ll are staying hydrated and protected from the heat/sun.

9- Safeguard Entrance/Exit

Toddlers can be sneaky… especially when they want what they want!

So when having fun, you may see your sneaky toddler trying to get out the door more then normal. And as they get older, they will be able to open doors! So safeguard you doors with alarms to alert you if/when baby opens the door. In addition (or in lieu of an alarm system) you should consider door bolts preventing them from opening the door to the out side.

Other security measures I use to keep a safe home is Arlo Security Home for outdoor monitoring and indoor monitoring for the boys room, but I’ll make another post on that later.

10- Keep A First Aid Kit Handy

Keep a first aid kit near! Store in a safe area outdoor and indoor for easy access.

FAQ Related To Toddler Backyard Playground Ideas

What do you think are the 3 most important things to have on a playground?

This answer will vary and most importantly will depend on the age of your kids and their interest.

For my toddler boys, three must have items involves water, climbing and jumping! Not all kids enjoy they same type of toys/activities. Therefore, take a personal inventory of things your kids play with when visiting the local park or family/friends.

How can I make my playground interesting?

In order to make your playground interesting, include a variety of play options and add character to your outdoor play environment. Consider adding mini obstacle courses, gaming stations, outdoor painting/art (chalk/spray chalk), gardening, etc.

What do kids love in a playground?

Kids love anything they can have fun with. Create a space with minimum limitations and restrictions, aside from safety of course.

How can I make my backyard more fun for kids?

In order to make your backyard fun for your kids, include things in your backyard that your kids love and enjoy!

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