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Emotional Self-Care Activities and Free A Checklist

Do you need to find new ways to ensure you’re caring for your emotional needs? According to Michelle Risser, LISW-S, nurturing your emotions and processing any frequent negative emotions can help you decrease stress, calm your nervous system, cope with tough situations, and boost your mood.   So, what’s emotional self-care? The definition of emotional Read More

8 type of self care and definition of self-care

Definition of Self-Care, 8 Types of Self-Care & Free Self-Care Tracker

We have officially started our “Spill the Scoop on Self-Care” series, interviewing individuals actively indulging in self-care. To get the scoop on Ashley Michele’s self-care routines, review the posted article. Since the series started, we wanted to bring self-care fundamentals. This fundamental information can be used as a reference to get answers relative to self-care. Read More

5 Etsy Inspired Gifts Under $5 for Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Week is here again! It’s a great time to mark your calendars and show your child(rens) teacher(s) how much your family acknowledges the hard work and dedication they put into your kids. During Teacher Appreciation Week, is known for showing a little token of appreciation with gifts, gestures, acknowledgment, etc to teachers for Read More