15+ Must See Babymoon Ideas, Destinations & Activities

15+ Must See Babymoon Ideas, Destinations & Activities

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Are you looking for the perfect babymoon destination? Or maybe you’re not sure what a babymoon is and need some ideas. Either way, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about babymoons. We’ll give you some awesome babymoon ideas for where to go and what to do so that you can have the perfect trip before your little one arrives. So pack your bags and get ready for an adventure!

What is a Babymoon?

A babymoon is like a honeymoon instead of celebrating your marriage, you are preparing for the arrival of a baby. It is a chance to get away from everyday life and focus on yourselves before becoming parents. A babymoon can be anywhere and for any length of time, even just a weekend getaway!

Why should you go on a Babymoon?

Taking a babymoon is a great way to spend some quality time together as a couple and reconnect before the demands of the baby become your priority. It’s also an opportunity for parents-to-be to relax and recharge so that they can take on the many challenges of parenting with renewed vigor.

Now that we with over what is a babymoon and why you should go on one, let’s dive into all the great babymoon ideas including babymoon destinations and activities!

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15 Awesome Babymoon Ideas (Activities) to Consider For Your Next Babymoon Trip

If you are trying to plan the best babymoon trip for you and your significant others, check out these awesome babymoon activities ideas:

1) Find a beach or lake and listen to nature

While on your babymoon, locating the local beaches and or lakes are a must. Pack up some snacks and drinks, lay out a blanket, and listen to the waves crash on the shore or look at stars while taking in nature’s beauty. If you choose a location that has neither beaches or lakes you can still enjoy the sounds of nature by taking a stroll outside.

2) Sit by the pool and enjoy a picnic

If you’re looking for something to do while on your babymoon that requires less energy, why not take advantage of the hotel pool and enjoy a romantic picnic beside it? You can even pack up some food from the grocery store or local restaurant (just make sure to check with the pool area first if outside food is allowed). If food isn’t allowed by the pool, you can always make plans to check out the local restaurants after enjoying your time by the pool.

3) Couples massage

Enjoy a couples massage together with your significant other as you relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. This is a great way to not only bond with each other but to also relieve some of the stress that comes with preparing for baby.

4) Couples Painting (make something for baby)

So back home, I love painting with a twist with my love, if I was planning a babymoon, I would surely add this to my list of activities to do! Take some time out of your babymoon to make something special for the baby. This could be a painting or even a handmade card. Doing this type of activity together will help you connect with each other, while also giving you both something to look back on when your little one arrives!

5) Caricature art

Capture the special moment with a caricature. Who doesn’t love being drawn in a funny way and having some laughs when looking back at it?

6) Photoshoot

What better way to remember the special moment of being pregnant than a photoshoot? Bring out your creativity, pick an outfit and let someone else take care of the rest. This will be something for you to look back on.

7) Couple connection cards

Take some time out of your busy babymoon schedule and make sure to focus on being in the moment. Grab a deck of couple connection cards and start conversations with each other that you may not have explored before. It’s a fun way to deepen your relationship as you get ready for the big day!

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8) Create a couple’s commitment (vow)

Take this time to focus on your commitment as parents and partners. Create a vow that outlines what each of you is committing to for the other – it can be anything from creating a peaceful home environment to supporting each other through difficult times, or simply being there emotionally for one another. Writing down your commitments will help serve as a reminder of what you both agreed to.

9) Watch Sunset or Sunrise

Take advantage of the beautiful sunsets and sunrises, depending on where you are traveling to. Enjoy a moment together as you watch the sky light up with colors, lay out a blanket, and enjoy a snack while taking it all in.

10) Sightseeing tour

Take a sightseeing tour of the local attractions. Whether it’s taking a boat cruise, or visiting an amusement park or museum, finding out what’s in your area is always exciting and will definitely be something to remember!

11) Brunch and mocktails

Don’t forget to plan a special morning for brunch and some delicious mocktails. You can either make reservations at a restaurant near you or purchase all the items needed to make it at home. It will be a great photo-op moment to remember!

12) Food tasting

Take some time to explore the local cuisine. Check out different restaurants and markets that offer a variety of dishes and snacks. This is also a great way to discover new recipes or ingredients that you can incorporate into your home cooking!

13) Digital Vision Board

Create a digital vision board together. This can be done on any type of device, with images or words that represent your goals and aspirations. Doing this activity together will help you both stay focused on your dreams and keep you motivated while preparing for baby!

14) Retail therapy (baby souvenir)

Don’t forget to squeeze in some shopping during your babymoon. Find a cute baby souvenir that will remind you of the special moment when you were expecting!

15) Relaxation day

Finally, plan a relaxation day! Whether you’re at home or away, take some time to just relax and enjoy the moment. Take a nap together, soak up the sun in the backyard or lay in bed and watch movies. It’s important to make sure that your babymoon is filled with restful moments that bring you both joy.

These are just some of the best babymoon ideas that can make your special time together even more memorable. With these activities, you’ll be able to create an unforgettable experience and start your journey into parenthood with a wonderful memory! So go ahead, pick one or two activities and plan the perfect babymoon today!

Top 10 Babymoon Destinations, You’ll Absolutely Love:

Now that we have the babymoon activities down back, let’s dive into the best babymoon destinations:

1) St. Lucia

2) The Maldives

3) Hawaii

4) Mexico

5) Jamaica

6) Costa Rica

7) Florida Keys

8) Aruba

9) Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

10) Dominican Republic

For more baby moon ideas and destination recommendations, check out The Best Babymoon Destinations for a Relaxing Vacation Before Baby Arrives.

Baby Moon Planning Tips and Tricks:

1) Research and pick your destination early: This is key to getting the best deals. Take time to research all of your options or utilize a travel agent if you want help in finding the best location for you.

2) Book activities before: Nothing is worse than planning a babymoon only to find out that all of the activities you wanted to do are booked up. Make sure to book any tours or activities in advance to avoid disappointment during your babymoon trip.

3) Get travel insurance: Even if you’re not planning on traveling far, it’s still important to get travel insurance just in case anything unexpected happens while you’re away.

4) Eat healthy: Eating a balanced diet while on the babymoon is essential. You don’t want to feel bloated or nauseous when trying to enjoy your time away. Make sure to look for nutritious meals and snacks that will keep you energized throughout the day!

5) Don’t forget about rest: Make sure to get plenty of rest while on your babymoon. Take advantage of any downtime you have and enjoy some extra sleep or take a nice nap during the day.

6) Have fun: Most importantly, make sure to have fun! Enjoy the moments together before you become parents. Make sure to keep things light and remember to take plenty of photos to look back on in the future.

5 Things to avoid on your Babymoon Trip:

  • Excessive walking
  • Long traveling hours
  • Foreign food- foods you’ve never tried or don’t have much information about.
  • Unusual activities
  • Unplanned/scheduled activities

5 Things you should do before you go on your Babymoon Trip:

Below you will find the things you should do before you go on your babymoon trip:

  • Create and pack your birthing plan
  • Locate the nearest hospital to your hotel
  • Pack medical cards
  • Carry extra medication and get a refill prescription
  • Get doctor’s approval

Last Thing You Need to Know about Babymoon Ideas (destinations and activities)

Your babymoon should be an unforgettable experience, so make sure to plan ahead and enjoy your special time together! With these ideas and tips, you’ll create a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime. Now all you have left to do is pick the perfect destination and get ready for the babymoon of a lifetime!

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