Affordable Dinosaur Party Theme Favor Ideas and Free Printable


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Dinosaur theme party favor ideas for any age. All these items were made and purchased for our birthday boy Tristian.

Tristian turned 2 years old and we celebrated with a dinosaur birthday party theme this year! Dinosaur birthday parties are very popular, in particular, the Safari Theme. Originally, that was my first pick. However, this year we didn’t celebrate at home with family and friends. Which generally spreads a gap in kids ages. The Safari Dinosaur birthday party theme is very flexible for toddlers and school age kids. Therefore, I selected the colorful Dinosaur Theme because it seemed more age appropriate, since the kids age ranged only from 1-4.

Tristian’s party was hosted at school this year, as our closet family live 3.5 hours away. Although it was hosted at school, we still want our kids to feel special and celebrated! So we purchase all the tradition party favors and decorations (minus balloons-which aren’t allowed in the classroom) as if it’s hosted at a venue. We even order pizza for all the kids to enjoy for lunch.

In addition, we purchase enough for both our boys classes, so they can feel as though they “celebrated together”, since they aren’t allowed to combine their classes. Which ultimately works out because they share the same friends due to afterschool class combination and playdates we attend.

Check out these Dinosaur Party Favor ideas

Dinosaur Birthday theme idea for kids

We purchased most of everything from Amazon, enough for 30 kids, which also included a bag for the boy’s teachers and office administration’s kids. Click and shop Amazon for this themed party box. See the actual items outside the box below, while the kids celebrate with this dinosaur theme party.

This next picture showcases all items included in each of the kid’s bag. The items not purchased from Amazon are the designer cookies (local baker), chips and juice pouch. I DIY all my kids personalized chip bags and juice label, if you’re interested, download the free chip bag template and juice label, don’t forget to customize (name, age, etc.).

P.S. Please note, the capri sun juice labels were accidentally printed as the wrong size (at Office Deport). However, the download has been readjusted to the correct size, covering the entire juice pouch.

The favor bags included: bubbles, hatch and grow dinosaur, slap wrist bands, dinosaur lollipop, dinosaur stickers, dinosaur mask (instead of birthday hats), designer cookie, custom chip bag and juice.

Dinosaur theme party ideas and favors for kids

After the age of 1, I like to give out large bags that kids can use as a tots. Parents can even use it for change of clothes for mini errands, not having to carry large backpacks, etc.

Dinosaur drawstring party bags for dinosaur theme party ideas

I thought these bags were double string. However, they were a carrying drawstring bags, although I did assume they were back bags. The kids still loved them and they can be used for the beach or snack bags. Shop Amazon to purchase these bags for your dinosaur theme party.

When it comes to what’s inside the bags, I include things my children like. So although they have a preferred age limit, I purchase items my children like and the guest parents can determine if they it’s age appropriate for their child/ren.

Slap bands bracelets. Great for who loves (or are used) things on their arms. My toddlers love to wear watches so this was a perfect favor for our bags. If it’s not a great idea for your party, you can consider this purchase for kids in the age range of 4-7 who likes dinosaurs and add to your treasure surprise reward box, physician/dental office gift box for patients , local dealership lots (who give out toys/gifts), etc. Shop here.

Dinosaur party theme idea favor

The grow in water eggs is a great idea that shows kids a series of “process” stages. We originally brought some growing dinosaur eggs around Christmas time from our Elf on the Shelf (EOTS).

So if this isn’t a good idea for your favor bag, consider using this as a prompt for EOTS or this can be a great addition to a boy’s Easter’s egg basket. Shop now on Amazon.

Dinosaur face mask were purchased in lieu of birthday hats. Its great for any age (if the child doesn’t mind wearing things on their face).

I also imaged this would be a great play favor for kiddos who like playing dress up or having imaginary play. My kids wear these around the house and pretend to be dinosaurs. Great favor that goes a long way! Shop here on Amazon.

As previously stated, the boys are in different classrooms and aren’t allowed to combine. Here’s pictures of each of our boys, celebrating with their friends!

Tristian enjoying his bday party with friends.

Table clothes were purchased from Wal-Mart for $0.98 each

Travis enjoying Tristian’s birthday with friends.

Celebrating at Home

Also, we always purchase a cake for the kids to celebrate at home.

This year, we had our cake specially delivered, by a T-REX! I loved the idea, because they love to watch dinosaur episodes of Ryan (Ryan’s World), but they didn’t enjoy it.

Nonetheless, it was a great day and I hope you enjoy these items as much as we did!

Dinosaur Party Theme Ideas: Other Favor Items to consider for your party bags

Click the image to find at Amazon:

Visit Amazon to see the colorful lollipops we purchased. Shop here. Comes in box of 12.

These long wand bubbles are a staple for us and brought every year for our favor bags. We purchase the large wands because its easier to hold and little ones can swing the wands and let the wind do all the work, requiring just motion. See product here.

Our designer cookies were made from a local bakery. The average cost for designer cookies are $2.75- $4.50 per cookie, which heavily depends on the detail/designs. For b-day parties, I generally keep the designs simple to keep the cost affordable!

Fell free to use these designs for your next party and tell us if your guest loved them!

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