5 Etsy Inspired Gifts Under $5 for Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Week is here again!

It’s a great time to mark your calendars and show your child(rens) teacher(s) how much your family acknowledges the hard work and dedication they put into your kids.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, is known for showing a little token of appreciation with gifts, gestures, acknowledgment, etc to teachers for all their hard work. You can participate one day to five days, it’s totally up to the individual.

At some schools, the administration may create a calendar for the students to follow, for Teacher Appreciation week, which includes thing like writing your teacher a note, bring in teacher’s favorite candy/favorite drink, etc. Assuming to keep cost really low for parents/guardians. However, if you’re a creative, there are ways you can add charming touches to your gift. You may need inspiration, if for some reason you feel too restrictive. A recommendation would be to search google images or Esty.

Our household began participating last year, as it was COVID and we were feeling extremely grateful for the time, efforts, and sacrifices our children’s teachers had given, non-stop, during a global pandemic.

We knew many of the teachers had taken on extra duties, as many of the procedures changed, in order to assure safety. So we participated each day with five small tokens of appreciation to show our thankfulness and acknowledge the hard work they were putting in as they are often overworked and underpaid.

Each gift was small and handcrafted leading up to a gift card on the last day.

Little did I know, creating those small tokens would feed a creative bug, making me excited to celebrate this year.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Ideas under $5:

All gifts are $5 or below, but are extremely undervalued because of the time and thought taken into consideration. If you’re a DIYer, you should consider these Teacher Appreciation gifts, as many items are possibly laying around your home.

Most of all the items used for these gifts, were purchased from the Dollar Tree or similar items can be found there.

1- Flower Pens

Etsy Inspired Teacher Appreciation Gift made for under $5 for Teacher Appreciation Week

All teachers love pens. Even in an electronic world, ink will never dry.

Materials Used:
65 lbs Card Stock Pack- Variety Pink Pack and Gold Foil (Both from previous DIY projects)
Plastic Pot (3/$1.25)
24 pack BIC ink pens
Shredded Paper
Ribbon (optional)
Paint (optional)
Styrofoam piece (optional)

These flower pots were 3/$1.25, painted and sprayed with a semi gloss finish.

The flowers were made from card stock paper.

Fold paper 1/2 (long ways)
Draw line across paper, approximately 2 inches above opening
Cut small splits on folded side from one end to other
Unfold and fold, then glue to opposite end to open for blossom effect
Uncap pen and place on top
Take small piece of take and tape top to the corner of the paper
Then wrap and fold in circle motion
Use hot glue to close/finish end

*For better hold, I used styrofoam and glued to the bottom of flower pot, then arranged pens.

Cover the bottom with crackled paper, pebbles, etc.

2- Picture Wreath

Teacher Appreciation Week gift ideas for under $5 inspired from Etsy

Originally, this was supposed to only be the metal wreath ring. However, the clothes pens didn’t have much security. I could have used sting to attach, but I didn’t want it to look DIY. So I went to the store and purchased burlap ribbon.

I knew nothing about making a wreath, so I watch videos and recorded myself making this masterpiece which is uploaded below.

Material Used:
Metal Wreath
Clothes pens
Burlap (optional)
Woodtiles (optional)
Paint (optional)

Paint clothes pins or buy colorful set
Make wreath or wrap metal with ribbon
Glue every other pins in opposite directions, giving enough space to hang photos (ex. 4 pictures will post on the inside of wreath and 4 pictures will post on outside)

3- Mint Mason Jars

Easy Teacher Appreciation Week idea from Esty cheap and cute

By far the easiest and cheapest of all projects listed! Yet cute and festive!

Materials Used:
Mason Glass Jars (any size)
Paint (red and green- mix to make brown)
Alcohol swabs
Clear Spray Paint
Candy or mints
Ties (optional for note tags)

Instructions :
Clean Jars with soap and water
Then wipe with alcohol swabs (to remove access dirt)
Paint with 1st coat of red, then let dry
Spray 1 coat of clear spray paint to help paint stick to glass
After dried apply second coat

Repeat process for lids

Super easy! The longest part about this project is dry time!

4- Hanging Name Board

Etsy inspired name tag for $5. Cute Teacher Appreciation Week idea

This started as a blank canvas and I used simple school supplies for school theme!

Super Simple… I did use my Cricut to make the name. However, if you don’t have one, you can use letter titles or handscript with white paint!

Materials Used:
Hanging Board
Black paint
Cricut and Vinyl (for name)
School supply items
Clear Spray Paint (Optional)

Paint Board desired color
Add Name
Spray Paint with Clear Semi Gloss
Place school supply items name as desired

Starburst Candy Pack

Free Teacher Appreciation Idea

Cool Printable I created. Feel free to download if you’re interested!

Items Used:
Free Candy Pack Printable
5×6 cellophane bag
Cardstock Paper (65lbs.)

Free Printable Download

If you plan on making any of these items, let us know or share some ideas with us so we can recreate with you!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Thanks for all you do!

Want more free printables? Check out this post!

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  1. This really inspiring… like its okay to not know it all but here’s a few tip so many new and current moms can find this site help !!!

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