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16 Mom and Son Activities Your Son Will Love (just in time for Valentine’s Day)

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Boy mom here…. are you also a boy mom wanting to find more mom and son activities ideas that your boy’s will love? Well this boy mom is here to help! 

I’m a mom of two very active toddler boys and I love going on outings with them. These activities can be enjoyed all year long, but since Valentine’s Day is near, here’s some fresh ideas to consider.

The ideas listed below for mom and son activities are for all ages, although, some may need to be tailored to uniquely fit your son(s) age!

Enjoying life as a #Boymom

If you follow us on Instagram, then you see we’re always out trying to do something fun! I try finding things they really enjoy but often times, I just want to get them out of the house. And truthfully speaking, they would enjoy going in the backyard playing in dirt, lol. However, there’s times when I want them to be more socially active and exposed to life/ culture outside of our home. Interacting with others, exploring sceneries, environment changes, etc. are apart of the things I want my kids to experience as kids.

Now, there are times when we aren’t always able to get out of the house. So if you’re a mom on a budget, HEY GIRL, I’m here with you! Many of these activities can be done at home and for cheap. If you would like me to leave more activities specifically for at home adventures, leave me a comment below or on social media.

16 Fun Mom and Son Activities

It’s time to get out and explore. Here’s 16 fun and unique mom and son activities you’ll can enjoy any season:

1) Catch The Public Train For Fun

Use the public transit to get around for the day. Kids love the idea of riding the train or bus like some of their favorite characters on screen time.  If you have toddlers like me, make it fun by including some of their favorite nursery rhymes (Wheels on the bus, chugga  choo choo train, etc.). Don’t forget to pack snacks and bring entertainment, as the route may be longer than usual.


2) Visit The Ice Cream Parlor

Your son will be happy with you about this one!

Take him to an ice cream parlor that allows you to make your own flavors and toppings. It can be a bit messy but it worth the smiles. Bring lots of baby wipes and a pair of changing clothes.


3) Picnic in The Park

Plan a picnic in the park when the weather is nice. Let the kids eat, run and burn off energy.

Include some of your son’s favorite snacks and cut into fun shapes. Allow this picnic to be a treat, so pack some of the items that you never really allow him to have. Don’t forget to pack outdoor games or check you local area for festivals in the park. Google will be your best friend when trying to plan this because you want to plan when the weather is perfect and when there’s something going on (hopefully).


4) Entertainment Complex

Find an amusement center where you’ll can play, eat and win prizes. Kids can never get enough of this type of play as there’s endless games for all ages.

One thing you must do before going… set a budget because it can get expensive really fast.

Another tip, avoid indoor playscapes, unless you have an older kid to climb through the maze areas or ready to climb. It’s super fun but there’s kids everywhere and you don’t know which end your kid will escape. It gives me slight anxiety because I really think I’m going to lose my kids or I think they will get stuck inside unable to find their way out.

We always survive, but I recommend bringing a tag-a-long or wear comfortable joggers so you can join in on the fun, if this is a must try on your to-do list. You might feel silly, but trust me you won’t! There will be other parents in/out the maze with their kiddos, so you are not alone.


5) Kids Baking Class/Lesson

What a cute date! In many of the major cities, you can find kid cooking classes, where they may feature an item to decorate or cook.

If this isn’t offered in a city near you, no worries. Go online, find a recipe and go shopping for the items and don’t forget to add a chef hat and cooking aprons for all the dramatic effects.

Don’t you like being the extra mom, lol!


6) Children’s Museum

Best date ever! It’s so many interactive activities which combines learning with play. Even though I’m a parent, visiting the children’s museum brings out my inner child because it brings imagination to real life.


7) Science Laboratory

Find a children’s discovery lab which helps kids make science experiments. All experiments made in the lab are taken home for play.

Also, don’t forget you can order experiment kits and make some of these same experiments at home!


8) Petting Zoo

We’re not talking the regular zoo, it’s the petting zoo where you get up close and personal. You’re able to feed and pet the animals. There are even some petting zoos in the country areas with trails, allowing you to buy feed allowing you to feed from you car. My kids loved it!


9) Kite Flying in The Park

Simple and affordable activity. Fly kite in the park on a good windy day.

You can race, don’t forget to add bubbles and chalk with this activity.


10) Toy Shopping

This probably happens already more time than enough, especially when going to shop for groceries, but do you remember how much fun it was going to an actual toy store?

Yes, overwhelming (to say the less) but fun!

Take the kids to a toy shop and allow them to play and pick out a toy (or 2 or 3, lol)!

You can even make it fun by following the “pull a card” online social media trend. I actually did it when we first started filming last year, but I never posted it because I forgot to record the results.

But here’s the concept/ a way you can make the activity a little more fun.


11) Backyard Camp Out

Tents, faux fires, and dinosaurs sounds on the outside lawn. Yes bug bites is still a thing, but you can endure for the experience right, lol. Don’t forget your bug repellent and be in by bedtime.

Don’t have a backyard, NO WORRIES, take all the same supplies and camp out in the living room or the kids room. You can use a traditional camping tent or a kids tent.


12) Mall Play Center

Mall what?

Lol, yea they are practically extinct but for the few that are left, there’s play areas, kid Kiosk activities (riding plush toys, sky jump, etc.).

Some malls even have trains that you can ride throughout the mall! Although the malls may look like a dead zone, there’s sections in the mall that allows you to play with your son. Don’t forget to add eating and shopping if your schedule affords you time.

13) Painting Shop

Find a sip and paint center but for kids! There’s even paint and glow centers where you throw paint and create your own art.

Yes I know we get art projects daily, but this one can be saved and displayed in your child’s room or play area.


14) Fishing

This may require licensing, depending on your state. So do some research and then find a lake, creeks, pond, etc. that allows you to sit on the sidelines and catch small bites.

Make sure you wear safety gear!


15) Mommy and Me Swimming lesson 

During the hot summer months, take mommy and me swim lesson. This is definitely a must try date because it’s fun because you out and about. But your also plan promoting safety, for an important life skill.

Make sure you check your local YMCA for affordable classes.


16) Library

It’s time to go book shopping! But you don’t have to spend a quarter (unless you have overdue fees). Pick out all the book you’ve had you eye on and read one new book every night during bedtime.


Last Thing On Mom and Son Activities

Make the date funs and tailor to your son’s likings. Make him feel special every date. Take this time to eliminate tablets and tune in.

Always observe your son during your dates, so you’re constantly connecting and learning his interest. This is also a good time to listen to his opinions and feed back about things happening in your everyday world!

If you’re going to try any of these mom and son dates ideas with your kiddo(s), let us know! We would love to hear about them and help you plan more activities and dates in the future with your son.

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