Newborn Daily Schedule That Actually Works (Week-by-Week) [+Printable]

Looking for the perfect Newborn Daily Schedule that actually works? You’re in luck! We have cracked the code for the best routine for a newborn baby! So, you can stop searching on google “What is the best routine for a newborn?” or “How do I set a routine for my newborn?” We got you covered! Keep reading for the most realistic newborn schedule for weeks 1-4:

As a new mom, one of the things you’re probably struggling with is creating a daily schedule that actually works for you and your newborn. Trust me, I’ve been there. It feels like every day is a new adventure with no rhyme or reason. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! With a little bit of planning and some trial and error, you can find a newborn daily schedule that works for both you and your baby.

To help you get started, I’ve created a week-by-week guide to creating a newborn daily schedule. This guide includes a printable template so you can easily keep track of your baby’s feedings, sleep times, and diaper changes. Just be sure to grab your copy of our Free Printable Template.

So take a deep breath, grab a cup of Tea (or ice cream—we won’t judge), and let’s get started!

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5 Quick Tips for Creating a Newborn Schedule That Works for You And Your Baby

Here are 5 quick tips to help you create a newborn daily schedule that works for you and your precious baby:

1. Keep it simple

When you’re first starting out, it’s important to keep things as simple as possible. That means avoiding any sort of strict schedule or rigidity in your routine. Your newborn is still getting used to the world and needs time to adjust. So be patient and go with the flow—your baby will let you know when she’s ready for a more structured routine.

2. Start slow

You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) try to do everything all at once. It’s okay to start with just one or two basic activities and build from there. As your baby gets older and more capable, you can add in new elements to the routine.

3. Be flexible

Babies are unpredictable creatures, so it’s important to be flexible when following a newborn schedule. If your baby is suddenly not sleeping well or seems cranky, don’t hesitate to adjust the plan accordingly. And if you need to take a break from the schedule altogether, that’s perfectly fine—your baby (and you) will appreciate it.

The more your baby grows, the more you will have to changes his/her schedule. So flexibility is key.

If you begin implementing schedules early, you will be more likely to continue in the later months/years so you can easily adapt to change, which you will definitely need (flexibility) during the toddler stages!

4. Get help or advice

If possible, enlist the help of your partner, a family member, or a friend when following a newborn daily schedule. Having an extra set of hands will make things much easier (and less stressful) for you. Also, gives you more time to conduct some self care!

Also, be opened to receiving advice from trusted family and friends!

But let’s be CLEAR! Advice isn’t someone telling you what to do!

When seeking advice, ask others what was their experiences in similar situation, opinions, suggestion, etc. so that you can determine your level of interest and decide if it can be an option for you and your family!

It’s often times call “eating the meat and spitting out the bones”. Take what you need from the advice and discord the rest, as it may not align with your way of parenting. Because as we know, what works for one, may not work for another!

5. Trust your instincts

As a parent, you know your baby better than anyone else. So if something doesn’t feel right or you have a gut feeling about something, trust your instincts and adjust the newborn daily schedule accordingly.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at the actual newborn daily schedule.

Newborn Daily Schedule: Week 1-2

The first week home with your newborn can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. You’re probably not getting much sleep, but you’re also enjoying all the snuggles and bonding time with your little one.

During this week, your baby will likely eat 8-12 times per day. She may only stay awake for 30-60 minutes at a time before needing to sleep again. And she may have several wet diapers and/or at least one bowel movement each day.

By the second week, you and your baby are probably starting to get into somewhat of a routine. Your little one is still eating frequently (about 8-10 times per day), but she may be staying awake for slightly longer stretches of time (45 minutes to an hour). She should also have at least 4-5 wet diapers per day and at least 1-2 bowel movements per day.

Here’s a sample schedule for a newborn in her first 2 weeks:

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Newborn Daily Schedule: Weeks 3-4

By the third week, some parents find that their babies are starting to sleep for longer stretches at night (yay!). However, during the daytime, they may still need frequent feedings (every 2-3 hours). Your little one should also have 4-6 wet diapers per day and 1 or 2 bowel movements per day.

Here’s a sample schedule for babies in their third and forth week:

Free Printable Daily Newborn Schedule Template

Don’t forget to grab a copy of our Free Printable Daily Newborn Schedule Template [PDF] below:

Frequently Asked Questions About Newborn Routines and Schedules

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about newborns, their routines, and schedules:

What is the best routine for a newborn?

The best routine for a newborn baby is one that is flexible and takes into account the baby’s needs. Newborns need to eat frequently (about 8-12 times per day), so a schedule that includes regular feedings is important. Newborns also need to sleep a lot (about 16-17 hours per day), so a schedule that includes regular naps is also important.

A schedule is especially helpful if you’re receiving help from other, they can have an idea of what’s been established and follow what you’ve developed in order to be consistent, keeping your family and baby on track!

What should my newborn be doing at 1 week?

At 1 week old, your newborn should be eating frequently (about 8-12 times per day), sleeping a lot (about 16-17 hours per day), and having at least 2-6 wet diapers per day.

When should I start my newborn on a schedule?

You can start your newborn on a schedule as early as you like, but it is important to be flexible and to take into account the baby’s needs.

How do I get my 1 week old on a schedule?

You can start by trying to feed your baby every 2-3 hours and put her down for regular naps. It is also important to be flexible and to take into account the baby’s needs.

What are the hardest weeks with a newborn?

The first few weeks with a newborn can be challenging, as you and your baby are getting to know each other and adjusting to life together. The best thing you can do to overcome these challenging times is to be flexible and focus on your newborn needs.

Should I let my newborn sleep all day?

No. A newborn baby shouldn’t sleep all day long, in fact, if a newborn sleeps more than 19 hours a day, it has been found to be a sign of illness and you should seek medical attention for your newborn if they do! I know it might seem tempting to let your newborn sleep all day long, but you should wake your baby up to feed. Let’s not forget to change their diaper (even though, sometimes newborns will sleep through this process).

Last Thing You Need to Know About the Easiest Newborn Daily Schedule

So there you have it mama—a simple newborn daily schedule that you can follow week by week. Of course, every baby is different, so feel free to adjust this schedule as needed to fit your little one’s individual needs. And don’t forget to download our printable version so you can keep it handy for reference!

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