“Spill The Scope on Self-Care” Interview ft. Ashley Michele of IV Essentials

We’re so excited that you’ve found this article as we discover more reasons to help answer “why is self care important?”…

In an effort to provide valuable information regarding the importance of self-care, we began to realize that the answer is different for every person.


Is Self Care Important? If So, Why Is Self Care Important? 

Yes, self-care is important and can be valuable for all!

It allows you time needed to focus on YOURSELF, mentally and/or physically. The idea surrounding self-care is consciously creating a life of balance in order to replenish.

In order to heavily emphasize the importance of self care, we’re starting a series called “Spill the Scoop on Self-Care”. We’re interviewing individuals who explains why self-care is important to them, while sharing their journey: routines, struggles, and tips.

Hopefully, this can help others recognize their own need for self-care, because every one deserves it. Because it’s easy to forget about yourself when caring for others or living fast paced lives.

However, through this series, you’ll see that you’re not on the struggle bus alone.

So stay tuned and get the scoop on more practical and affordable ways to make yourself a priority when indulging in self-care.


Taj Things presents “Spill The Scoop on Self-Care” with Ashley Michele of IV Essentials:

In today’s interview, we feature Ashley Michele. Owner of IV Essentials, wife, and full-time working mother of two.


What’s your self-care routine as a busy mom of 2? 

In order to be a great wife, mom, and friend, my self-care routine starts first thing in the morning. I wake up 30 minutes before my family. This allows me to focus on my mental self-care. I intentionally speak positive words of affirmations and set intentions over the things I desire to happen/accomplish for the day.

It’s me clearing my thoughts and preparing for the day!

At night, after the kids are asleep, I bathe, wash my face, and moisturize my skin. I pour time into my nightly routine to focus on my physical needs.

When I do not take care of my physical needs, it shows up in my skin. So I moisturize with dedicated products making sure I feel good before going to bed with husband. I want to feel good and smell good every night.


Have you ever lost yourself during any stage of parenting (neglected self-care)?

Yes, I did. I neglected myself and my self-care needs during my second pregnancy. I had two under two, and my pregnancies were different.

My first pregnancy was fun. I was engaged in extracurricular activities and enjoying day-to-day life.

During my second pregnancy, I felt more restricted. I was tired, heavy and taking care of a toddler. I didn’t have a lot of energy like the first time. Even my birthing experiences were different, which caused me to delay self-care further, due to medical issues.

My second son was born naturally, and therefore, my body went through a lot of trauma. I didn’t feel like myself. Even after 6 weeks, I couldn’t have fun with my husband lol.

I really struggled. I began having issues with my blood pressure right after giving birth, which I’ve never experienced in the past.

Once I was able to get my health under control (two months after giving birth), I started back focusing on myself and the things I needed to feel good again. I reacted immediately because I didn’t like the way I felt when I was unable to focus on myself.

Lack of time for yourself can lead to depression and I didn’t want to go through that if I could do anything to prevent it. I was in tune with myself and I wanted to reclaim the things I desired. I started making sure I had what I needed in order to take care of me for my family so they could see the best version of me.

How often do you implement self-care? 


I’m respectful of my time, so if I get a few minutes to myself, I use it wisely. As a mom, things come up and I may not get extra time again, so I check in with myself every time I have a moment to myself, whether it’s for 5 or 15 minutes.

As I said before, I use my bath time to really pour into my well-being. I make sure I have time to enjoy myself and my thoughts every day!


How important is self-care to you? 

Self-care is very important to me. I have established routines to ensure I take care of me. The reason is because I’m important and I must take care of myself first. I focus on practical ways to implement self-care. You don’t have to wait until you go outdoors to take care of yourself.

Although I’m married, it’s not my husband’s responsibility to make me happy. I take the time to know what’s needed for me within.


What’s something you do for self-care (activities, beauty products, exercises, etc.)? Are there products you recommend?

I’m a licensed cosmetologist, so I make sure I do my nails (unless I have visitors and we go to the spa) and hair often. I also, exercise with my husband and I use my favorite hair and body whipped buttah product by IV Essentials to moisturize my hair and skin.


Can you tell us more about IV Essentials? why is self care important? postpartum shedding

IV Essentials is an all natural product line I created using rich ingredients. The whipped shea buttah is made with essential oils to help with eczema, skin discoloration, skin care and hair moisturizer.

It was created after the birth of my first son. He struggles with eczema and has sensitive skin. So I made an all-natural whipped buttah for his skin and then I began using it because I didn’t want to use fragrances that might irritate his skin.

With my second son, I experienced postpartum hair shedding/hair loss. I implemented the IV Essentials product regimen and now my hair is restored. I also have hair and body oils that can be used to complement the whipped buttah.


What’s something you do to ensure you’re implementing self-care?

I make sure my kids follow a schedule. A schedule is a must for us, because without it, I’m unable to tend to myself.

The kids are up at 8:00 a.m., down for a nap by 12:30 p.m., and in bed by 9:30 p.m. every night.

This is the best thing that has worked for us. Just like I need self-care, I make my husband get the time he needs for himself as well. We don’t live near family or friends, so we have to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves.

We recently hired a nanny part-time to help when we’re working, but other than that, it’s just us. We’re intentional about staying on track as much as possible, so we don’t neglect ourselves because parenting is demanding.

What advice do you have for parents experiencing guilt when it comes to taking care of themselves?

Don’t beat yourself up or try to compare your self-care routine/needs to others. It looks different for everyone.

Check in with someone. If someone you trust offers you help, take it!

Find time to read daily devotionals, speak affirmations into your life, and be intentional with every spare minute you have. They add up. If you can focus on mental self-care, everything else will fall into place. 

For more information on IV Essentials Whipped Buttah and Oils, visit https://ivessentials.com. Make sure you support this small black-owned business and let us know how much you love the products.

Thank you so much, Ashley, for taking time away from your family and sharing your self-care journey and tips with us.

For more self care tips, check out this video with Ashley Michele:

If you or someone you know wants to share your self-care journey and tips with us, please contact us for an interview.


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